1. Do you help us raise funds?
Absolutely. Our network extends to high net-worth individuals and venture capital firms globally. Our background in successfully launching start-ups requiring significant capital investment has given us an excellent reputation in equity raising. As your partner we have a vested interest in obtaining the resources you need to build your business.

2. Do you provide funding?
Occasionally. For smaller investments that fall within our investment strategy we will consider a direct financial investment.

3. How much equity do you take?
That depends on where your business is. If you only have a concept and need us to build it into a working business then we will take a higher percentage stake than if you have completed development and are seeking a business partner to launch and attract further funding.

4. What types of businesses do you work with?
Start-ups form the largest base of our clients, although increasingly we are working with existing businesses who want to embark on new products or new delivery channels for existing products in the mobile and web space.

5. What industries are you interested in?
Any industry - provided that the business is delivered through a mobile and/or web platform. This may be for an existing bricks and mortar business that wishes to enter into or expand their mobile and web presence.

6. What countries do you operate in?
Our headquarters is in Sydney, Australia. However we have an international team and work with organisations around the world. We are a hi-tech web and mobile company - we can be everywhere.

7. Do you sign an NDA?
No. We are exposed to too many business concepts to make this feasible. We ensure your confidentiality.

8. Are you an incubator?
No. We don't provide physical offices or pay you a salary. Instead we partner with you to provide all of the expertise needed to launch and grow a business.